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MSOP8 pogo adapter for in-circuit EEPROM programming
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Size MSOP-8 p. 1
Size MSOP-8 p. 2
Soldering MSOP-8 on board
Kia Cerato 2014
Toyota RAV4 2014
Hyundai I-30 new
Hyundai Santa Fe 2013_2014
Hyundai TUCSON 2014
Toyota AQUA 2013_2014
Hyundai AVANTE 2014
Hyundai Grand STAREX 2014
Hyundai MAXCRUZ 2013
Toyota CROWN 2013_2014
MMC Mirage 2013

Price: 120 USD

1-st variant
Probe (adapter) MSOP-8_035 without a led


Length: 40 mm with cover.
diameter: 8 mm.
Number of contacts: 8
0.65 mm pitch.
mounting socket(needle) type: R035-2W7
pogopin: P035-B1
Kit: two needle and two pogopins.
row distance 4.4 mm. to connect to the solder joints.
white dot marked the 1st pin.
compressive force pogopina: 40 gr.
cable length: 70 cm.
the  probe repair and fit
led superlight 3.0 mm.
battery 1.5 v. 3 pcs.

Price: 102 USD

2-nd variant
Probe (adapter) MSSOP-8_035 with a led

Toyota Camry 2015