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length of case: 45 mm.
diameter: 8.2 mm.
number of contacts: 8
pitch 0.65 mm.
needle's type: R035-2W7
pogopin's type: P035-B
repair kit: two needles and two pogopins.
between row: 4.4 mm. for soldering connected.
white dot marked 1 pin

Price: 137 USD

The adapter MSOP8_P035-B  with a cap (the guide-cap)                        

The head of probe consists of 2 parts: the fixed and mobile (the cap).
In the cap attached movable spring rod MDM other end is inserted into the slot of the fixed head.
In the doghouse a recess on the size of the chip body. First, the cap is placed on the chip body and then as you press on the cap and the probe is moved nominated contact probe.
The cap can be removed by pulling up and turn the probe to normal.
Video test adapter MCOP8 with a cap:
Price 150 USD
New!  Adapter Msop8 with led light and cap clear (transparent)